Since Heartwood’s founding in 2015 by a group of parents and community members, Heartwood has provided a learning environment that allows for all children to take their place in the world as inquisitive, engaged, joyful, and empathetic community members.  As a nonprofit school, HMS depends on the generosity of parents, alumni and friends to accomplish its visionary goals.

Give to the Max  – Our classrooms thrive on generous contributions from our community, friends, and family!  Your donations support scholarships for families in need, new materials for the classroom, and enrichment programs to boost the learning environment.  Please consider leaving a legacy with Heartwood. – Heartwood’s School Customer Number is: 477381.  When you purchase Montessori tools or toys for the children in your life, Heartwood will receive store credit we can use to supplement our environments.

There are many others ways that you can support our school:

  • Like us on Facebook and keep up to date on Instagram
  • Become a board member or join a committee
  • Tell a friend, family, or neighbor with young children about our school

Please contact us at to learn how you can help our school continue to thrive!

And Thank You!