See our School Health Protection Protocol doc for most up to date Policies, Practices and Procedures.

Last updated: 5/25/20

What will the class sizes be?
In June, Heartwood will limit indoor Group Sizes to 10 children with 1 adult. It is possible that more than 10 children will be in attendance, and all children will be outdoors together during arrival and dismissal.

What will the daily schedule look like for the children?
8-9am – Arrival at the back gate; Health screening; Outdoor play
9am – Handwashing followed by “Great Work Period” outdoors (weather permitting).
11am – Clean up, Collective story, Prepare for lunch
11:30am – Lunch
NOON – Departure of Half Day children at back gate; Indoor play (gym); Transition to rest
1pm – Quiet rest or outdoor play (depending on children’s needs)
2:30pm – Collective Snack
3 – 5:30pm – Outdoor play, dismissal for Full Day children

What time can children arrive? What are the arrival procedures?
Children may arrive between 8am – 9am.  Please park in the parking lot and walk with your child to the gate (waiting at least 6 feet from other families who may be arriving at the same time). A staff person will greet your child at the gate and screen your child for symptoms. Parents must wait at the back gate until their child’s health screening has been completed and the staff member admits the child for the day.

Due to limited staff and our protocol prohibiting on-site visitors,
No child will be admitted after 9AM any day. 

Will the Summer Program still run from June to August like originally scheduled?
Currently, we hope to run the entire summer (June 1 – August 28), as originally scheduled. However, we are rolling out concrete plans on a monthly basis. We are able to offer our full program (except AM Care) in June because we have received state grant funding as well as the PPP Loan through June 30. Future programming is partially dependent on demand and external funding sources.

Do the children need masks?
Yes. On Thursday, May 21, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey issued a city-wide proclamation stating that all individuals over the age of 2 years old must wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth when in public spaces – including educational institutions. Adults accompanying children to and from Heartwood must also wear face masks to reduce the risk of transmission.

Will children be spaced out with social distancing?
It is not developmentally appropriate to expect young children to maintain physical (“social”) distance from one another or their important adults. Group sizes will be limited to 10 children per group while indoors, with only 1 adult per group, to maximize our efforts and providing sufficient space and minimize contact between adults.

No visitors, including parents, will be permitted in the school yard or facility.

Do we need to send any supplies for health? 
We encourage each child to bring their own water bottle from home – labelled with their first and last name. If provided, this will be sent home each afternoon for thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

Families are also responsible for providing sunscreen for children who attend the Full Day program. We expect you to apply sunscreen at home in the mornings, and we will apply it before playing outside each afternoon.

Otherwise, your child doesn’t need any health supplies you would not ordinarily provide. If your child does require medication for any preexisting conditions, please make arrangements with me beforehand.

What is your COVID protocol?
Each staff person self-screens for symptoms before arriving at work each day; each child will be screened upon arrival and parents must wait at the back gate until their child’s screening has been completed. If a child presents any of the following symptoms, they will not be admitted that day and their family will be asked to isolate at home for at least 3 days.  Symptoms include:

  • new onset or worsening cough
  • shortness of breath
  • fever of 99.4 degrees or higher
  • chills
  • muscle pain
  • headache
  • sore throat
  • new loss of taste or smell.

When a confirmed case has entered the school facility, Heartwood Montessori School will implement short-term closure procedures.

Short-Term Closure Procedures
Students will be dismissed for 5 days, during which time local health officials will advise on longer-term dismissal.

Any other previously scheduled events will be cancelled for the duration of the closure.

Staff, students, and their families will be discouraged from gathering or socializing beyond their household.

Support the Heartwood COVID-19 Distance Learning Fund

If you are available to donate, we humbly recommend considering the COVID-19 Scholarship Fund. These funds will cover Heartwood’s operating expenses during this time when not all families are able to make full tuition payments. Heartwood is in a particularly fragile financial time as we are still recovering from our recent move into our new school building. This is a challenging time for many, we realize we are not alone. We’re grateful for contributions of any size.

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Supporting Heartwood Businesses

Below is a list of small businesses run by parents in our community. We hope that you will support these businesses during our time apart. If you are a Heartwood parent and small business owner, please let us know ways in which we can support you. This list will be updated, so please check back. Many national charities and organizations are also helping those affected by the pandemic. Here is what you can do to support them.