Board of Directors

The idea for Heartwood Montessori School began in 2013 when neighbors and Montessori parents, Sarah and Sinead, were longing for a quality Montessori program in Northeast Minneapolis.  They knew of many parents (including themselves) who were driving their children out of our neighborhood to find high quality Montessori environments, and that did not feel right.  Since that first idea, Sarah and Sinead took the time to thoughtfully plan out all the information they would need to start a non-profit school.

In February of 2014, Sarah and Sinead held their first informational meeting about creating a board for this new Northeast Montessori school.  The founding board of Heartwood was formed by a group of passionate parents and community members.  Together they logged over 3,000 hours of volunteer hours and raised over $21,000 to launch the school in September of 2015.

Our governing board is now composed of hard-working, dedicated parents, community members and Montessori professionals who continue to guide the school towards the mission and vision set forth by the founding board members.

Heartwood is looking to grow its Board!

Looking to add leadership experience to your resume? Or, are you a resident of Northeast Minneapolis who is passionate about making a positive impact on your neighborhood? Consider joining our Board!

At Heartwood, our mission is to grow community by empowering children through respect, independence, and discovery. Specifically, we are seeking volunteer Board members who believe that strong early childhood education should be accessible for all, in a nurturing and exploratory environment.