Heartwood Montessori is a nonprofit school providing an authentic Montessori education to children from 16 months through their kindergarten year. We offer half-day and full-day Montessori education with the option for extended day care and summer programming. Our school serves families in Northeast Minneapolis and the surrounding area.

At Heartwood, parents, teachers and children are all partners of an inclusive learning community. Together we grow our community by empowering children through respect, independence, and discovery.

Toddler Community Now Open and Enrolling!

Heartwood is proud to announce the opening of our inaugural toddler community as of November 2022!

Toddlers begin practicing invaluable life skills through a local, authentic Montessori model at sixteen months of age and remain in our program through kindergarten, nurturing a lasting love of learning backed by a continuity of care from our trained guides and their classroom teams.


Please see our School Health Protection Protocol for most up to date policies and use our Decision Chart for situational guidance.